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Examples of help

$2,000 for a Van Lift to transfer Grant with his 500 pound wheelchair into the family van. Grant was born with Cerebral Palsy, and his mother is his full-time caregiver while also working as a daycare provider to help her husband in the support of their 5 children.

Referring in Colorado

Information for Referring Professionals In Colorado

Friends of Man is an all volunteer charity to help people with basic or special needs that cannot be provided elsewhere. We depend on you, the professional in the field, to be our link with people who need help, and we look forward to working with you! We value your involvement in helping people in need.

To request an application and guidelines, please click CONTACT US/Referring Agencies and send us your professional information. Note: We do NOT send applications directly to the applicant.

Our Application Process

  1. Please fill out the Application Form completely. Your signature, as well as the applicant's, is required on page four. To obtain Application Forms please call or email Friends of Man. Note that we will not send Application Forms directly to an applicant.
  2. Who can act as a referring professional?
    • School personnel
    • Counselor
    • Teacher
    • Nurse or health aid
    • Clergy
    • Human Resources Staff
    • Senior Center Staff
    • Hospital Staff
    • Social service caseworker
    • Social service technicians
    • Staff and volunteers at human service agencies
  3. Please be sure to include income and expenses of everyone living in the household.
  4. Vendors and providers of items and services may not directly submit applications to Friends of Man. If a vendor knows of a person in need, he/she may direct the applicant to a referring professional.
  5. Prospective applicants cannot submit their own application to Friends of Man. We can help them find a referring professional, if necessary.
  6. Friends of Man does not assist with rent, utilities, emergencies, or back bills of any kind (items or services that have already been provided or even ordered).
  7. Please fill out the Application as completely as possible. Your background narrative is very important to us and your signature, as well as the applicant's, is essential.
  8. Friends of Man pays vendors directly, only after the item or service has been provided per our written approval.
  9. How long does it take? Our Disbursement Committee meets weekly, so as soon as we receive all the needed information, the request will be presented.



Please include an audiogram with speech results and written estimate from the vendor for low-cost, entry-level hearing aids. (We do not pay for exams.) If entry-level aids will not work for this applicant, please have the audiologist send a letter stating why.


Please include a written estimate from a vendor who is willing to bill Friends of Man. (We do not pay for exams.)


Our dental program is for working adults or adults who have a strong work history, children or people awaiting organ transplants. For working adults, we consider full or partial dentures, extractions, and fillings. For non- working adults with a strong work history, we consider only full dentures or extractions. Friends of Man does not help with crowns, implants, bridges, root canals, x-rays or exams. We require the Social Security Earnings Statement to document work history. Please submit a written evaluation/estimate from the dentist.


Please attach a written vendor estimate and a letter from the applicant’s physician describing his/her overall health and need for the requested item. Since these are often expensive items, please seek out and let us know if the applicant is eligible for help from other organizations and how much has been pledged or received.


Our program is primarily for children, though we also consider clothing requests for working adults. Our program is through Target. The referring professional must accompany the applicant when they shop. Please submit a letter from your supervisor authorizing you to shop, and send a list of clothing items requested for each child.


We consider requests for short term help (1-3 months) with daycare only for working applicants. The applicant must be current on monthly payments; we do not pay back bills. We can only pay licensed daycare providers.


Our program is through King Soopers and City Market. Please provide a physician’s letter stating the applicant’s medical situation. Please provide a breakdown of the costs of each prescription from a pharmacy, preferably King Soopers, and state the amount of the applicant’s monthly prescription need. Our help can only be short term (1-3 months), so please explain what the applicant will do after this. We can’t help people covered by other programs, so please check first to see if applicant is eligible for Indigent Care, etc.

If you have any question regarding our Application, or other areas of possible assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for being a vital part of Friends of Man.

Friends of Man
P.O. Box 937
Littleton, Colorado 80160-0937
Phone: (303) 798-2342 Fax: (303) 798-2345